Reconfiguring METTLE

New to smoking accessories and not sure how our bowls can fit into your glassware collection? 

METTLE is the universal replacement bowl. It pairs with 18mm female, 14mm female, and 14mm male slides. Most water pipes come with a cheap glass bowl; and most smokers break multiple bowls a year. 

Once you’ve determined the size of your water pipe’s downstem, you’re ready to configure your METTLE for use.

Mettle can be reconfigured to fit three different sized slides you might encounter. Configured as shipped, mettle operates as an 18mm male slide.

If you need to downsize, the outer component is easily removed, revealing the 14mm male slide beneath.
Note* This removable piece is functional as a 14mm to 18mm adapter on its own!

Reassembling the piece in reverse allows you to use mettle as a hand pipe or one hitter (recommend adding the optional screen filter for this,) but that same configuration functions as an 14mm female joint for pairing with a 14mm ashcatcher.

You bought a beautiful water pipe, doesn’t it call for a better bowl? 

Please reach out to our customer support team at [email protected] if you have other questions regarding mettle, or help determining if it will fit in your water pipe.

All products are intended for legal dry herb or tobacco usage only.


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